Texas Outdoor Lifestyles TV show Vicki Lynn Chrysler is a TV host for Texas Outdoor Lifestyles. She’s an energetic and dynamic personality, who loves to explore the great outdoors. Her passion for hunting and fishing has taken her all over Texas and beyond to some of the most amazing locations around the world. Vicki Lynn is a true inspiration for women who love adventure and the natural outdoor world. On her journeys, you will also find her husband, Ruben, from time to time sharing his passion for the outdoors. So don’t be surprised if you get some information about fishing and other invaluable knowledge that he shares on the great outdoors. Just like us, he loves seeing his wife, Vicki Lynn, bagging a trophy fish or putting the smackdown on a big buck. You will notice the flare of the show is centered around Vicki and her stylish fashions. Sometimes she may be hunting in her fur hats or maybe a coat too; who knows! But one thing is for sure, she will always be the fashionista on the show. So be sure to join all the social media (Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube) and see all of the fashions, products, and travels around Texas and more!

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Kim Goulden-Texas

Wed Jun 30 , 2021
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Kim Goulden Full-Time Saltwater Fishing Guide Port O'Connor, TX Resident

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