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Welcome to The Woman Angler & Adventurer podcast! I’m your host Angie Scott.


This is The BEND! The ALL new Outdoor Adventure Show! We share the tales from the trail, humorous stories that make us ALL shake our heads asking “WHY!?!” If it happened Outdoors, we are going to share it right here on The BEND!
Welcome to Texas Outdoor Lifestyles TV Show
Let’s make an episode just for you! We are a travel outdoor TV show that documents your outdoor lifestyle. Call/Text us today at 956-821-1939 to book your episode. Do you have a ranch that you would like to showcase?
RodnReelGirls Podcast
- rodnreelgirls.com
Kelsey Brown- Fish N Chicks

  We are a group of women interested in fishing based in NE Ohio. The group will have local and out of town events and trips so women from anywhere… More

- rodnreelgirls.com
Jan 14, 2022 -Jenn Nolan

Thanks to Jenn Nolan of Champion Outdoors for joining us and sharing some exciting details on her journey of being on the water and what she brings to the table… More

- rodnreelgirls.com
Florida Salty Cowgirl

Join us as we listen to an extremely fun Captain talk about her passion for fishing and why she loves being on the water so much!   Captain Angelia states: … More

The Woman Angler and Adventuer
- Angie Scott
EP. 220 The Woman Angler & Adventurer One Day at a Time EP. 1: Kate Grice Hough

This week we are introducing the new monthly episode series called "One Day at a Time" with special guest Kate Grice Hough. Life can be a struggle and in these… Read More

- Angie Scott

 Get ready! The 2022 10,000 Pushups Challenge launches on February 1st. This year the Tom Rowland Podcast has partnered up with Captains For Clean Water to help spread the word… Read More

- Angie Scott

Are you one of the many doing Dry January? Well, meet your new best friend- Athletic Brewing Company! I first discovered these delicious non-alcoholic craft beers at The Outdoor Media… Read More

The Bend-With Rebecca Manner

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