October 3, 2023



Sometimes hunting isn’t just about hunting – it’s about the camaraderie you have with others who enjoy the love of the outdoors as much as you. It’s about the connections made, the bonds of fellowship forged and memories created.
This past weekend 5 ladies arrived in Martinsville, Missouri at The Circle J Lodge for an ADC ladies turkey hunt. We came from five different states as complete strangers, comprised of a wide span of ages with diverse backgrounds joined together with a common goal of hunting. We left as lifelong friends sharing our lives, our passions, and creating special memories.
Transporting queen bees to their new hive and learning about beekeeping, fishing in the stock pond, loving on the goats, getting chased by geese, witnessing newly hatched chicks, enjoying Jan’s great cooking, encountering raccoons in a barn loft, checking for ticks, sharing aspects of our day of hunting (the good and the bad), and encouraging one another were all part of our time together. After our last morning hunt we spent an afternoon venturing through abandoned barns, forgotten farmhouses, and an old church built in 1878. Throughout our weekend we shared laughter, silliness, disappointment, and celebration.
Hugging and parting ways came with promises of future hunts together. Through our time together we connected and are forever changed – growing as hunters through our successes, challenges and disappointments. Lives are measured by the number of treasured moments you have tucked away in your hearts creating a smile within. Our souls are forever enriched and our hearts are smiling big.
 American Daughters of Conservation