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Lori Heath Instagram: bendo_babe_lori_h Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lori.heath717

Lori is an avid SoCal angler out of San Diego, getting out on the water as much as she can fishing mostly 2 to 3 day offshore trips with one to two 1/2 day trips per week with occasional Long-range 5-day trips. Her passion for fishing started when she was 3 years old fishing on her grandfather’s boat with her dad in Wisconsin fishing for walleye, northern pike, bass, and perch. She found her love for saltwater fishing on fishing vacations traveling to Mexico, Belize, Florida, Texas & Jamaica. In 2014 she moved to San Diego and immediately immersed herself into the fishing community fishing full day and 1/2 day trips on the Malihini & Premier learning about the different techniques used by Southern California anglers. Surface iron quickly became her favorites from yellowtail, calico bass, Fishing offshore hunting for Bluefin tuna has been her obsession with her catching her personal best (217lb) on a Flat fall jig, Lori is continually on a quest to hook & land larger tuna, learning to tie and rig her own gear and building flying fish rigs for flying a balloon on her Team Rainshadow rods that she built. Lori enjoys helping others when on the water helping them to land their personal bests tuna. She believes in “passing on the passion” to our youth by periodically taking young anglers on 1/2 day trips teaching them how to tie knots, bait hooks and learn casting techniques. “There is nothing better to witness a kid catching their first fish” She belongs to several ladies fishing groups supporting lady anglers around the US. When Lori isn’t fishing she volunteers for many fishing groups and participates in writing an annual galley report “More than a Boat Burger” for Fish Taco Chronicles Magazine as well as a few other articles. As a member of the San Diego Anglers for 4 years, she has won Lady Angler of the Year for 2018, 2019, and 2020. Lori is also a SoCal Board Member & Volunteers for Coastal Conservation Association of California (CCA CAL) Rod building has become a fun addition that Lori has added to her fishing repertoire, as Pro-staff for Batson Enterprises Team Rainshadow Rod Blanks and components Lori not only builds her own rods but builds rods for charity fundraisers and friends. Lori’s motto: “Pass on the passion because you can’t take it with you!”


Lori Heath

LORI HEATH Lori is a SoCal fishing machine, and a heck of a good rod builder. She logs some serious fishing hours. Chances are she’s fishing right now. https://www.teamrainshadow.com/work/lori-heath/ Bendo_Babe_lori_h anglerettes.com evike.com/fishing batsonenterprises.com batsonenterprises.com/team-rainshadow-pro-staff?fbclid=PAAaZGrLaELvnbpnNTbiOsRpj-u3pPTgTpsDrKdumApWVhkV415PAGYqvF-t8 https://sisterhoodfishing.com/ https://sisterhoodfishing.com/lori-heath/

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