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We are asking for your support to expand our reach to more women. Please give as little or as much as you can afford. And if you can’t afford to contribute, we still want to hear from you to know that you’re interested and would like to be kept informed as well as be involved in the Fishanistas mission.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your support.

Getting More Women Involved

We are looking to raise money to keep these efforts going and also provide equipment, education, and mentoring for women and girls who aren’t afforded the opportunity to fish whether it be, spin angling or fly fishing.

Our first action item is to become a 501(c)3 non-profit. That will allow us the ability to seek grants and corporate funding to support our mission. Once we receive our non-profit status, Fishanistas will begin to reach many of its short-term goals, including being financially stable and help with getting more women out here fishing. This will help promote more women of color in the fishing industry, and would also like to offer monthly excursions to different places and unique opportunities to learn other forms of Angling.



The Best Experience Ever

Fishanistas is a women’s fishing group that is designed to encourage and support women of ALL races and ALL ethnic backgrounds in the fishing community/industry. There is such a disparity when it comes to being INCLUSIVE, not EXCLUSIVE. Our Mission is to provide a strong, empowering sisterhood combined with a fun & safe atmosphere for women to come to participate, learn how to fish, and share their fishing experiences. As women, we face a myriad of issues in our day-to-day life and fishing is that place to come where EVERYONE matters. Our group is filled with supportive women who range from novice, intermediate, and professional in their particular area of the sport. As we all know 2020 has been a devastating year for so many people of color, especially women who are mothers, wives, caretakers, etc. With not only dealing with the adverse effects of the pandemic there have been severe bouts with depression & anxiety. I would also like to take a moment to add that we've had devastatingly high rates of domestic violence since the pandemic and quarantining started. I as one person can only do so much. So, I’m asking for help to get these women out and fishing. This will not only help with getting these women on the water and involved, but it will also provide sustainability for their families.

Getting Other Women Out To Fish!

Jeanine Blair

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