May 30, 2023

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Women Fish Too-Lady Anglers Rock!

Great day walleye fishing on Lake Erie! This is being filmed for a couple future segments on Midwest Outdoors. Tomorrow is Day 2, praying for better weather, but we all caught multiple fish so it was a good day! If you’re ever in Port Clinton, OH- definitely check out Mark1 Sport Fishing. Captain Mark and his whole team will treat you with respect and show you a good time. He fishes St. Croix Rods and Tommy Harris blades and I think BOTH were much needed today to help bring in some nice fish. Looking forward to tomorrow!
Angie Scott is with Dana Scott.

Fun Day One walleye fishing on Lake Erie with Mark1 Sportfishing! The weather wasn’t as nice as we would have liked it- cool and rainy off-and-on most of the day but everyone caught some nice fish and we got some great content for a couple upcoming Midwest Outdoors episodes. We’ll get some more tomorrow! Resting up now before a nice dinner tonight and praying the weather gives us a break! 🙏 St. Croix Rods #bestrodsonearth