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Rainy day dinner!-Lori Heath-Bendo Babe-California

Lori Heath tOc9tobe6or18 r8025e atud6u 180:51 PM  ·  Rainy day dinner! used a smoked pork shoulder that I smoked and froze 2 months ago, I thawed it & slow cooked in my pressure cooker.  

Tonight’s dinner! I smoked some pork shoulders a few months ago, I freeze them when needed, I thawed one & cooked it in the pressure cooker with carnita seasoning then made smoked carnitas enchiladas! -Lori Heath 🤗❤️👍😋😋😋

Meet Capt. Wendy Wilson Billiot, aka The Bayou Woman. US Coast Guard licensed Captain, Wetlands Tour Guide, Educator, Award Winning Author, proud mother and grandmother…living and working in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana.

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Lori Heath

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