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Go Team Rainshadow!! Lori Heath

Carol Sinicrope is with Mark Jacobs at Fisherman’s Landing.  · San Diego, CA  · Go Team Rainshadow!!! Had a blast with Mark, Lori Heath and Rob and the crew on the Pacific Queen 

Batson Enterprises-Lori Heath

On behalf of Robert Tressler and I A Huge Thank You goes out to our Sponsors Bill Batson from Batson Enterprises Teamrainshadow, Janette Fuson of Anglerettes, Jjcjr Hopalong John Cassidy…

Rainy day dinner!-Lori Heath-Bendo Babe-California

Lori Heath tOc9tobe6or18 r8025e atud6u 180:51 PM  ·  Rainy day dinner! used a smoked pork shoulder that I smoked and froze 2 months ago, I thawed it & slow cooked in my pressure cooker.  

Tonight’s dinner! I smoked some pork shoulders a few months ago, I freeze them when needed, I thawed one & cooked it in the pressure cooker with carnita seasoning then made smoked carnitas enchiladas! -Lori Heath 🤗❤️👍😋😋😋

Christian Usie •God •My Son •Fishing Go follow my IG @reeleminchris985 Snapchat: Cboo94-Louisiana

DECKHAND at Coon Pop Inc. Bartender/deckhand at Tradewinds Marina Cocodrie, La https://www.facebook.com/christian.usie.9/posts/400528605009399    

Sharing your passion for fishing is so rewarding.

Sharing your passion for fishing is so rewarding. I feel so lucky to have the ability to have so many great experiences that fishing provides, but I have to say…