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Trolling In The Keys

RodnReelGirls.com Been trolling up and down the keys for hundreds of miles in the last few weeks. The Mahi are slimming down but the Blackfin Tuna bite has been on…

Got them!-Lori Heath-Bendo Babe

RodnReelGirls.com Got them! 2.5 day Limits of bluefin on the @ranger85_sportfishing @ranger_85_sportfishing_ caught on my Rainshadow RCJB96XH 8’ X-Fast E-Glass, Accurate ATD 30 knife jig with 150lb Fluorocarbon crimped leader.…

Check out our Sisterhoodfishing.com partner Lori Heath and a spunky Nancy Marciano, putting the hurt on my bucket list fish.

Lori’s Photo Gallery