Header Pic Of The week Goes To Terrie Huffmaster-Georgia

Terrie is an avid angler and a good one at that. She loves fishing and does her best to get other ladies involved in pursuing their outdoor interests. Terrie B Huffmaster is from South GA. and lives 10 mins from 3 different Florida state lines and generally fishes North Florida’s Big Bend areas. Terrie has fished saltwater and freshwater, with her family, her entire life! She continues to do so to this day with her two sons and husband who she’s been married to for 28 years. Saltwater Fishing is Terrie’s passion and she loves to share her fish photos in hopes to pull more people into the sport, to inspire them to get out there to fish and experience the therapy of the outdoors. One of the things Terrie loves about fishing saltwater is you never know what or how big of a fish you’ll catch!!! Every catch has a great memory and none are discounted! She mainly fishes inland for Trout, Reds, Flounder as well as Cobia and Tripletail. Terrie fishes artificial, live/cut bait but mostly artificial. She is very competitive with herself and is constantly researching and scouting new areas to fish. Terrie says “I push myself to catch bigger fish than I did before! And when I do, it’s an amazing feeling but if I don’t, I still love what I do!”. Sharing her fishing adventures through social media, fishing magazines, and books has been an honor for her and she hopes it will inspire new anglers to enjoy the sport as much as she does! Terrie has been featured in over 30 magazines!! She’s been on the cover of Florida’s Woods N’ Water a few times as well as the cover of Coastal Angler Magazine. She’s also the cover photo for three books that teaches the fundamentals of fishing Fresh and Saltwater to beginners needing insight on getting started. Terrie is Pro Staff with several other companies and is also Ambassador for rodnreelgirl.com, sisterhoodfishing.com. and is the face for the Women’s Fishing Village. Terrie tells us “I love and enjoy what I do! And never take a day for granted.” You can follow Terrie on Instagram and Facebook and find her on the covers of fishing magazines all over the Southeast.

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