Lori Heath

I’ve been really busy building two down two to go for Louisiana and Texas! Loving this marbling on my Rainshadow Immortal Rod Blank IMMP70ML-TC 7’ Med Light 6-12lb Titan Chrome Rapid Spin Reel Seat… #teamrainshadow #build2fish #rodbuilding #buildyourownrod

By RodnReelGirls.com

About Getting in front of the Hunting & Fishing market is a great way to win new customers and influence brand decisions on purchases made and services chosen. RodnReelGirls.com provides advertisers with a unique opportunity to tap into this very powerful and lucrative outdoor market. We have cutting edge approach to hooking up the thousands of fishing & hunting related businesses with the millions of sportswomen/sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts. RodnReelGirls.com provides an online "community" to satisfy all the "other reasons" why people like to fish & hunt.

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